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About us

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Harbor City is a multi-disciplined marine & civil Engineering contractor, we carry out a variety of marine based operations including, but not limited to, underwater ship repair and maintenance, mooring maintenance, piling, maritime civil underwater engineering and equipment supplies.


We have a very clear goal for our industry:

Our vision is to be a proactive, laser-focused team that works to meet client expectations, add value to the relationships we forge through time, and value the projects we work on. We want to maintain completing projects with excellent quality and the highest levels of guarantee for everyone’s safety and health.


The basic principles of Harbor City include business ethics, customer focus, organizational and professional pride, Integrity, Sincerity, Accountability, mutual respect and trust, innovation and speed, and total quality for excellence. Strong ethics are very essential to us.


Our primary goal is to provide clients with work of the highest caliber while upholding strict standards of health and safety and providing answers to their demands. Along with this, we also want to uphold our solid client-customer relationship and complete each project’s needs. The Harbor City Team is committed to giving its customers the best.


Harbor city was established to serve the Port & Marine industry with best-in-class technical solutions through in-house capabilities and strategic partner collaborations. The experts connected to Harbor City routinely complete complicated tasks for their clients in Kenya and East Africa. The company has developed into a reliable resource for engineering firms, and we have acquired the expertise to strengthen projects and boost efficiency and safety. Experts in Harbor City are committed to constructing projects of the highest caliber by devoting their time, energy, efficiency, and abilities. We firmly believe in giving our esteemed clients smart solutions by offering an unmatched high level of services through our professional and creative team.


Quality assurance and control are provided by Harbor City, and these are crucial components of our service offering. Our commitment to high-quality projects is demonstrated year after year by the growing number of clients we serve and the unmatched capital efficiency of the projects we offer. Additionally, we guarantee timely project completion, complete quality control, and budget management.

Hence our professional staff and diligent team have set us apart from the competitors working pattern which makes us a valued and trustable firm to deal with. These elements might be regarded as the reason why choose us.


Harbor City has made it a priority to offer the maritime sector a very high degree of service. We have been successful by adhering to international standards and laws, forming strategic partnerships, building a strong staff, and implementing competitive pricing policies. In order to sustain our position in this industry, we would thus continue to improve our procedures and capabilities. We would also continue to bring value in terms of performance, service, procedures, networking, and fresh concepts for the construction industry.