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Harbor City covers almost all aspects of construction projects. We ensure that every aspect of the project is successfully completed, including project planning, suggestions from the design team, counsel from the architect, and involvement from every team member for better task streamlining and efficient management of the project’s budget, work, design, and outcome.

The Harbor City team includes all seasoned industry experts with an incredible understanding of their job, tools, abilities, premium materials, and how to provide the customer with top-notch labor. We make sure that the client receives top-notch services without compromising in any way.

The services offered at Harbor City are completely personalized and tailored to the needs of each client. Delivering the best projects and services to the client is our shared objective.

Discover more about the services we provide and what the Harbor City team can do for you:

Reefer Automation

We at Harbor City offer automation services, monitoring, and control systems for reefer containers. Today’s shipping operations are undergoing some incredible improvements. Reefer Automation at Harbor City is a straightforward yet expandable monitoring and management solution specifically designed for your container port. The system also sends directives, such as changing the set-point temperature, and monitors alarm and temperature conditions, Plugin & Plug out times, among other services.

  • Pre-Engineered ,Prefabricated structures for reefer management systems suitable for both dry and bulk ports.
  • HDG,Powder coated or even marine painted,galvanized structures are designed,supplied and erected on site as per the density needs of the customers.
  • Complete electrical package for management system is already present as standard solution for your needs.

Cable Trenching


At Harbor City, there is a service called “Cable Trenching” that is provided by experts who install a trench protection system that shields cables from traffic using channels made of high-grade steel and a multi-layered rubber belt. The benefit and primary function of the cable trench are that it helps in preventing the power cable from spillage, waste accumulation, and trip hazards. Additionally, the engineers and specialists of our team provide several cable trenching designs based on client or project requirements.


Cable Reeling

We offer highly well-designed cable reels to fulfill the increasing demand for continuous operations in ports and CFSs. This service also includes dependable terminals and power supplies for overhead cranes, excavators, and lifting equipment in addition to construction cranes. All of them have been specifically designed to satisfy the most demanding specifications for fast speeds, dynamic processes, wide cable cross sections, and strong tractive forces.

In situations where a stationary point is linked to a fixed length of travel and a fixed amount of cable while a moving point moves across a fixed line, rail, ground, or height at a given speed, cable reeling systems are used to lay down and recover cable.


Cable Termination & Marking Solution


Using a cable termination and marking solution is a safe practice. When a cable is terminated, it simply connects the wire to various objects based on the need, such as equipment, panels, or a wall outlet, and it completes the circuit. The whole range of LV Cable termination accessories, including cable glands, cable lugs, etc., are also available at Harbor City. All of these different cable crimping options are furthermore offered by us.

The technique of using cable markers to identify the cables inside panels or electrical connections is known as a marking solution. The electrician must execute installation plans whether or not they contain the information found in working drawings.


Mechanical & Electrical Identification


Everyone is aware that identity marking to some extent is necessary for every commercial construction project. It is not required to merely identify cables; it may also be required to identify cable trays and trunking, pipe markings, lock-out/tag-out procedures, equipment labeling, etc. Because we provide top-notch identification items, one may anticipate a broad spectrum of identifying systems from Harbor City. We have the stock and bespoke items to satisfy the client’s needs, whether they are for tough chemical environments, indoor, outdoor, industrial grade, or any other setting.


Road Construction And Maintenance

road manintinance

In Kenya, the concrete paving stones are referred to as “Cabro.” Due to its excellent style and durable usefulness, Cabro architecture is presently gaining a lot of notoriety. The pros in Harbor City specialize in pavement and cabro building. Over the years, the company has taken on a number of difficult Cabro construction projects. We provide Cabro pavement construction for parking lots, parks, residential buildings, and other locations. We may repair, install, or commission a paving upgrade.

road second

Slope Protection & Riprap


In general, riprap is a coating of big stones that is helpful in preventing soil erosion in places where high or concentrated flows occur. It is a continuous covering of big, angular rocks, cobbles, or boulders that often serves to prevent soil erosion.

At Harbor City, we specialize in offering riprap and slope protection services to the prestigious clientele. All naturally occurring slopes are constantly being eroded. We provide a variety of erosion prevention options that are specifically suited to problems with various slopes and levels of erosion severity.


Port Equipment


Typically, marine construction is seen as a specialist field of work best left to the professionals. Numerous aspects of this structure are often seen in civil engineering construction. The personnel at Harbor City have extensive expertise in offering marine-based, civil building services. Given that maritime construction is one of the most expensive services and consistently produces superior results, our primary goal for this service is to deliver the finest service within the allocated budget.

Look at the numerous services and initiatives we have taken on in the following fields:

  • Marine Engineering
  • General Construction – building and civil
  • Yard Facilities
  • Anchors & Chain   Removals
  • Port Equipment supplies
  • Diving Survey (Underwater services i.e. Cleaning, et
  • Hydraulic Man Lift Trucks (Fire fighting option)
  • Demolition/ cutting/ blasting
  • Salvage services (I.E anchors, chains removal, etc)
  • Marine equipment supplies (tug boats, ferries, patrol boats, etc)

Equipment Supplies


In order to effectively support the present difficult development projects, Harbor City is expanding into a variety of locations. Providing the offshore industry with essential support services is the main activity in this sector. Along with its international partners, Habor City provides barges, tug boats, fuel boats, and supply vessels to ease maritime operations. Clients may rely on us to take care of their off- and on-shore assistance since we have skilled and knowledgeable employees who complement the port rules in the area.


Marine Supplies & Services


Today, one of the most in-demand services is marine services. Harbor City is a well-known, expanding corporation that offers extremely affordable pricing that adheres to international standards.

Offshore services, freight transportation, vessel manning, and brokering services are the main marine supply and services. Therefore, in general, marine supplies and services cover logistics, testing, storage, and shipping for boats, ships, oil tankers, and other watercraft. They also cover repair and maintenance for these items.




The Riprap is the layering of several stones in varying sizes and shapes for a variety of applications. It is primarily used to support the steep slopes along the coastline, stop erosion, redirect runoff, reduce undesirable disturbance from flowing water, and build bridge foundations, among other things. Riprap appears to be a straightforward procedure of just putting stones to mitigate the impact of water, but engineers must perform several assessments before it can be started.

At Harbor City, engineers and other experts examine and alter each criterion related to the RipRap project as necessary. The cost is discussed first, and additional discussions follow, after which they make their assessments. The professionals at Harbor City make sure that the project Riprap is first discussed in accordance with the requirements before the most practical solution can be determined. This is done because it isn’t always possible to get the stones needed for Riprap locally and it is expensive to transport large quantities of rock.




Basically, stone pitching is an age-old method for constructing walkways, highways, and upland trails on steep slopes. The main task of the stone pitching technique is the large-scale interlocking of stones with the fattest side facing upward to merge the terrain and produce a series of short, crooked stairs. This technique may be applied to slopes with significant seepage issues, gully bottoms between check dams, and scour protection along rivers.

Whereas, Slope protection is a strategy used to shield slopes from weather-related events so as to prevent run-off and enable their revegetation. In order to avoid the slope from spalling and collapsing due to weathering or rain scouring, it is also placed on a favorable subgrade, and drain holes are constructed in accordance with the necessary specifications.

Both services are offered at Harbor City with rapid and simple installation and long-lasting effects.




In the process of waterproofing, several layers and stages serve as numerous barriers that stop water from entering a structure. Membranes and coatings are used to waterproof a structure to safeguard the structural integrity as well as the contents below or within.

One of the key components of civil engineering and building projects is drainage. One of the required actions to prevent floods and other types of damage is this. The process of drainage is referred to as the artificial removal of both surface and subsurface water.

On the other side, water reticulation is essentially the network used to distribute water and is currently present in all modern and advanced social frameworks. Reticulation of water is a crucial gridwork of pipes and fittings that forms a part of the infrastructure.



Road rollers building the new asphalt road

Road work is very different from street work. The majority of highway maintenance, and construction, including paving, and footways, comes under the road works.

Harbor City has worked on such projects and regularly maintains the paving and roadways. These projects involve repairing or enhancing the roadway, which includes installing sidewalks. We also identify any safety flaws and arrange any necessary urgent fixes.

The road workers' working group updates part of the road with fresh hot asphalt and smoothes it for repair.



Harbor city provides concrete works services in which – Cement, coarse aggregate, and water are the three primary components of concrete, which is a composite material. Concrete may be poured into molds to achieve any desired shape by mixing the concrete’s component materials together to create a fluid mass form of concrete. With regard to time, this fluid mass concrete becomes harder. The cement chemically combines with other components to bond them together and create concrete, a hard substance. 



Workman in uniform painting wall with yellow paint at the construction site indoors

The finishing touch for any Yard marking or roads or general project is done by Harbor City. We have skilled painters that have completed a variety of jobs, whether they were for standard or custom paints. Painting is primarily done to shield surfaces from atmospheric impacts of all kinds and to keep them from deteriorating due to oxidation, corrosion, and decay or for any kind of markings, navigation, etc. Additionally, it helps in enhancing the aesthetic of the surface. As a result, the painting work at Harbor City is done with excellent craftsmanship and expertise.

Building Painting



A wharf is a man-made steel fixed structure where the vessels can dock for safe loading and unloading of cargo, rendering on the hand is the action of applying something.

Wharfage and Rendering is a civil works category that deals with the construction of the wharf structure and their maintenance in case of wear and tear to the existing ones. So as Harbor City we render out the works of constructing wharfs or maintaining such hence Wharfage and Rendering

supply base

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Harbor City continues to offer its clients the greatest satisfying services with great pride. We will always have a clear aim in mind: to help our clients achieve their objectives. This is what has helped us advance in our industry.

Our client base consists of

Kenya ports Authority
Interpel CFS Terminal
Port Side Freight Terminal
Sagoo Electricals limited
Focus CFS Terminal
M-Craft builder Ltd
Autoportd Freights Terminal
Mombasa County Government

After Sales

In this day and age of online, Harbor city pros make an effort to remain in contact with their clients. We make sure that our clients receive the best after-sale assistance. This is because every client contributes value to our company, and we think that a happy customer is essential for business success.