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Construction work

Steel Prop Construction

Steel props are tabular steel pieces that keep floors and beams in place until they can stand on their own. The top plate, base plate, inner pipe, outer pipe, sleeve, nut, and pin make up this component.

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Steel Beam Construction

A steel Beam is a framework designed to hold large weights. The steel beam is also used to build home frames and roof structures. Depending on the need, several sizes and varieties are produced.

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Steel Slab Construction

The first metals utilized in the building are steel slabs. A slab is essentially a flat, two-dimensional, planar structural element utilized in bridge decks as well as roofs, floors, and ceilings. At Harbor City Construction of steel slabs is done because of its several features:

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Steel Stairway Construction

A mixture of iron, carbon, and other elements makes up steel. Today, building steel stairs is quite common for interior settings in homes, businesses, shopping centers, and large industrial locations.

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Steel Column Construction

A steel column is basically a vertically constructed support structure. The steel column can transfer weights from beams, ceilings, floor slabs, or roof slabs to floors or foundations

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Steel Wall Construction

Construction methods utilizing steel frames and bolts are regarded as long-span and beneficial. This is because steel wall construction may benefit from things like:

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At Harbor City, we offer electrical power solutions for businesses, factories, and apartment buildings. Electrical Switchboards, energy service management, and electrical parts and components are all included.

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If you are looking for a safe and reliable generator set – Harbor City Generators are the best pick for you. Our expert team ensures every aspect is installed and commissioned safely and securely with not much disruption in your operations.

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