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Proximity Controller


Protect your corporate from the breach with the Proximity Controller by Harbor City. Authentication will be done only through an employee photo ID badge – every activity can now be traced and tracked easily with 125 kHz technology. We understand the privacy concern in certain areas and the Proximity Controller eliminates all possibilities of the back door. Deploy a next-generation system at your workplace with a smart card access system. The complete end-to-end solutions are just a tech adaptation away from you.

  • Selectable working frequencies: 125kHz / 13.56MHz
  • User capacity: 1,024; Event log: 1,200
  • Built-in watchdog to prevent system from hanging
  • Including the input of door contact, offering the alarm system of both door opening too long and being forced open
  • Built-in Multi-Output: Door lock / alarm / security trigger signal
  • 1 bi-colour LED and 1 beeper for identification
  • Have the ‘MASTER CARD’ functions, convenient operation