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Standalone LCD Controller


The main concern at the moment is security. Though it comes in the form of a Standard LCD Controller with three control modes (M4, M6, and M8). Real-world analog visual signals are transformed into digital signals by the Standalone LCD controller.

The Harbor City Standard LCD Controller was specifically created with a variety of uses in mind. A standalone LCD controller’s fundamental mode of operation is You must either display your card, input your pin, or do both in order to enter the premises. Because of the built-in watchdog feature, it never hangs. The door won’t lock for a while if someone tries to intrude in your privacy; instead, an alarm will buzz out and beep twice.

  • RS-485 communication interface
  • Supporting WG port for antis- back function
  • TTL serial output for various application and lift control
  • Selectable working frequencies: 125KHz/13.56MHz
  • 3 control modes: M4, M6, M8
  • User capacity: 1,024; Event log: 1,200
  • 3 access modes: Card only, Card or PIN, Card and PIN
  • Built-in Watchdog to prevent system from hanging
  • Built-in Real Time Clock and Anti-Tamper functions